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Second Chance day #1522
Hello everybody, hope you all had an amazing happy and healthy Thanksgiving break. I had a fun time with my family and ate and ate, and ate.

I have recently loved the prospect of filming and editing, and so far it’s a lot of fun. This Sunday, I am going to the Hotel Del to film the Make-A-Wish ice skating. I hope to interview some of the kids there and maybe even give some of the video to the families. I have also started to make a new project called the “Nick’s Picks Movie”, explaining all that Nick’s Picks is and how it all started. Some of the video I’m going to be posting on my YouTube channel called “Nick Wallace_Film. I will also be showing some of this on the Nick’s Picks YouTube as well as Facebook and Twitter.

I also am going to try to start a campaign through YouTube and the blog posts, regarding organ donation. With a lot of help and a lot of luck am hoping to see the current situation changed from a “voluntary” opt in situation, to becoming a voluntary opt out. This means that we are all automatically organ donors, unless we, or our family, choose to opt out. Considering you are five times as likely to need a transplant than to ever be an organ donor, this will help us all.

I was lucky. I got a second chance. I am going to be more specific on the organ donation in other blog posts, but for now I will be posting through my and the Nick’s Picks youtube and also some on the Nick’s Picks Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.”

Well hope you guys have a happy and healthy day, and “dream big”!!




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