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Meet Alexa Wallace, CCO

Chief Creative Officer

Alexa Wallace, aka Lexie Wallace or #28 as her TCU women’s soccer teammates know her, is often referred to as “Nick’s awesome sister”, has been with Nick every step of the way. Nick and Lexie founded Nick’s Picks together in 2012 and her input is always invaluable.

Lexie has always tried to accompany Nick during his long medical appointments, procedures and frequent hospital stays. It was during these trips that Lexie began to draw. In order to help pass the time she would create beautiful pictures and craft objects. A talented artist, Lexie’s love of drawing and creating has continued into a talent for interior design.


Lexie’s natural creativity and thoughtful nature have been great assets to Nick’s Picks. It was her idea to incorporate an art set into the girls version of the Nick’s Picks backpacks.

Lexie is studying Fashion Merchandising with a Business minor at Texas Christian University and aspires to a career designing sports apparel.  

Lexie plays D1 soccer at TCU which takes up a great deal of her time and energy. So she has to find the balance between school and soccer. And fun!! She still loves to surf when home in California and continues to support Nick’s Picks through marketing and backpack production.


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