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When God Gives You a Second Chance- You live it up In Oahu

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.40.12 PMHello Everyone, Hope that you are feeling well and are recovering or if your not in the hospital hope your day is going great.

So I recently went to Hawaii on a long vacation and it was so much fun. My cousins have a house in Oahu close to the beach, and we all stayed together in it. It was so amazingly fun and we did so many cool things!

IMG_5239So for the people that are reading this blog if you have ever been snorkeling you know what it is like to see real fish up close through a mask. Well I went snorkeling with my family near a place called Shark’s Cove. No, no, no don’t worry there aren’t actually any sharks there, it’s safe. But when we went snorkeling we saw some of the most amazing fish ever including a whole school of up to 400 fish.

Although this was amazingly fun, the highlight of my trip was doing a 25 foot cliff jump.  I also talked my mom into doing and it was extremely fun but a little scary. But anyway,  as descriptive as words can be,  here’s a couple pics of the trip the describe it even better!


Hope Everyone is having a happy healthy summer.



From Nick (CEO)



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