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About Nick’s Picks

Nick’s Picks is a 501c3 Children’s charity founded in 2012 by (then) 13-year old liver transplant recipient and lacrosse enthusiast Nicholas “Nick” Wallace. Nick had been born with a chronic liver disease, and had spent his entire childhood in and out of the hospital, often on isolation. There were a few favorite activities and comfort items that Nick to his frequent hospital stays. The items, there were close to a dozen, were hand selected by Nick to help keep himself comforted and entertained. You see, Nick had become an expert in the art of entertaining himself.

In 2012, just before his liver transplant, Nick’s friend was diagnosed with cancer. Nick decided to assemble the dozen items in a care package and deliver them to him during his first of many chemotherapy appointments. The care package was a huge hit and Nick’s Picks was born.

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On October 13th, the same day Nick received his new liver, Nick’s Picks was incorporated as a 501c3. Nick delivered his first “Nick’s Picks”, hand selected backpacks to Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, in 2013.

From one simple act of kindness by a kid that just wanted to help his friend, Nick’s Picks has grown into a nationwide organization that distributes  fun-filled backpacks loaded with the “Nick approved” dozen items. We currently serve fourteen (14)  pediatric centers nationwide.

We hope that others will be inspired by Nick’s Picks dedication to providing comfort, support, smiles and laughter to hospitalized, isolated children and support his cause.


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