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Meet Nick Wallace, CEO

Chief Entertainment Officer

FullSizeRender 2I’m Nick Wallace and I attend Torrey Pines High School, as a junior. I love lacrosse and play for Torrey Pines and Team 12 Elite. I live in Del Mar with my parents, sister Lexie and our dog Maverik.  On September 28th 2012, I had a lifesaving liver transplant and I am determined to pay it forward.

What is Nick’s Picks and how was it started?

Nick’s Picks is a 501c3 charity dedicated to providing hospitalized/isolated kids with fun-filled backpacks with the 12 items that I loved the most during my many years of hospitalizations. Because I was born with a liver disease and spent most of my childhood in and out of hospitals, I became an expert at entertaining myself and after my liver transplant, I wanted to share the things that had given me the most fun and entertainment when I was in the hospital. I wanted to try to make it easier for other kids dealing illness or isolation.

Nick’s Picks began in 2012 at Rady Children’s Hospital. My friend was diagnosed with cancer and was having his first chemotherapy. I wanted to make a care package for him with the things I loved most when I was in the hospital on isolation.

He really loved it, so I decided to make it my mission to provide these 12 items to as many hospitalized/isolated kids as possible. To date I have delivered over 1,000 Nick’s Picks filled backpacks to kids in 13 centers nationally.

Nick’s Picks was incorporated the same day I received my liver transplant. What a great day!

What is your goal for 2017?

My goals for 2017 include expanding the 13 centers to 15 centers nationwide and to provide 2,000 backpacks to kids dealing with illness and isolation.

I would also like to encourage other kids to give back, pay it forward it some way. No act is to big or small. I hope that as Nick’s Picks continues to grow, some of the children we have touched will join us as “Nick’s Picks ambassadors” to offer support and encouragement to other children.

What can others do to help?

Donations are what we need most. You can help/donate by going to
All donations are tax deductible, with 100% of the contribution going to provide backpacks to the kids in need. Every $50.00 donated provides one Nick’s Picks backpack loaded with over $200.00 of activities and comfort items to an ill child.

Spreading the word is very important too. Our website,, has a lot of great info about our organization. Please share it, and  follow us on  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I feel so lucky to have gotten my second chance. And I am going to make the most of it!


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