A Charity Dedicated To Giving Fun Filled Backpacks To Hospitalized Children Dealing With Chronic Illness

Meet Nick - Founder and CEO of Nick’s Picks

column-right-imgOn September 28, 2012 I had my liver transplant. The day I received my new liver, Nick’s Picks received its certification as an official 501c3 charity. Nick’s Picks provides backpacks with items that I found extremely useful and entertaining when I faced long-term hospital stays.

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When my friend had to go to the hospital for cancer, I wanted to give him a package of things I loved in the hospital. That’s why I started Nick’s Picks.

Backpack Boy taking a break at UCLA Nick bringing some joy! Nick and Parker Shaw at Rady's Children's Hospital Nick and his assembly line Backpack Boy and his accomplice, Lexie Wallace All smiles at Rady’s Childrens Hospital Backpack boy on the move! Best business buddies Bringing the goods! Nick delivering backpacks to UCLA Childrens Delivering the goods to Mattel Childrens Hospital 2014 Dreams Realized #12 Torrey Pines High School LaCrosse 2015 First delivery to Stanford Childrens Hospital Nick at the UCLA Centennial celebration 2014 Nick (#12) in action on the LaCrosse Field Nick and Biliary Atresia Buddy Trent Boaz Nick and Dr. Ronald Busuttil (transplant surgeon and savior!) Nick and Lexie with Dr. Ron Busuttil Nick and Lexie playing at The House of Blues Nick and Lexie with Dr. Thomas Starzl (who performed the first successful liver transplant) 2013 Nick and Lexie with Ronald McDonald Nick and Lexie enroute to UCLA Nick at the Donate Life PSA shoot 2015 Nick taking a break with Ronald McDonald (Ronald McDonald House San Diego) Nick with Notre Dame Lacrosse team Nick’s Picks Joy to San Diego Ronald McDonald House 2014 Sporting my UCLA cap in ICU UCLA Childrens hospital

The super cool backpacks are stuffed full of “must have” items including lacrosse socks (that not only keep you warm, but keep you looking cool in the hospital ward), a yo-yo, basketball hoop, stuffed harp seal, madlibs, a book on animals, and a Boogie Board LCD writer. The stuffed harp seal is one of my favorite items as it symbolizes peace and comfort –something I want other kids to feel. I also love the mini-basketball hoop. It is not surprising how good you can get at this with all of the time you have on your hands! And not a kid doesn’t love the Boogie Board LCD e-writer tablet. It can be used to help you communicate when you can’t speak and it’s a great way to entertain yourself and pass the time. I know what it is like to be stuck in isolation in a hospital room, and I know what a difference these backpacks can make to kids of all ages!