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Nick’s Pick’s End of Summer Delivery!

What better way to kick off the first week of my senior year at Torrey Pines than to spread some love…. and make a backpack delivery.
I spent the afternoon at Rady Children’s Hospital in my hometown, San Diego, CA, dropping of some much-needed Nick’s Picks approved, fun-filled backpacks.

Rady Children’s Hospital holds a special place in my heart because it is where my medical journey started. It’s where I received my Biliary Atresia diagnosis, and had my first of my surgeries, a Kasai procedure to create a bile duct in for my liver. I spent a lot of years getting great care from the doctors, and especially the nurses, before my liver transplant.


It was also at Rady’s that I was inspired to start my organization when my good friend was having his chemo treatments. I went to see my friend and bring him a care package during his first chemo. He loved all the cool stuff, and the nurses loved it too. They really encouraged me to pursue my idea for making Nick’s Picks care packages for as many kids as I could. The nurses really understood that a little comfort and support can make a huge difference.

The first Nick’s Picks care packages I put together were paid for with my allowance and I delivered them in cardboard boxes or recycled grocery bags. When I see how this simple and thoughtful collection has evolved in to the Nick’s Picks backpacks we deliver today, I really burst with pride. I never imagined that my desire to cheer my friend up, and let him know he wasn’t alone would evolve in to a nationwide campaign of love and support.



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