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An Interview with Nick Wallace, founder of Nick’s Picks

2018 is here! The New Year is a time for new goals and reflecting on the previous year’s accomplishments. I recently sat down with Nick Wallace, the founder of Nick’s Picks to talk about the year in review, and what he looks forward to the most in this new year.



Nick, 2017 was a milestone year for you. You turned 18!
Yes, I did! It was a milestone year and I take away a lot of great memories. I surfed my first Hawaiian Northshore Big Wave. I also received my first college acceptance. I received a letter from The University of San Francisco in December accepting me in to their film program.

Can you tell me some more of the highlights from the year?
Delivering backpacks and seeing the smiles, thats always huge for me. I also got the opportunity to get to know some of the kids, I love hearing from them. One of my best days was having a team of volunteers come and help us assemble over 400 backpacks in one day. I love to see how people can come together for a great cause.

That’s awesome! What are some of your goals for 2018?
One the personal side, to get into film school and really dig in and learn the industry. It’s going to be huge in so many ways, not just to be a film student, but to live away from home and experience dorm life.

I also want to continue to expand Nick’s Picks. We just branched into our 16th center, in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I would love to get other kids involved in supporting Nick’s Picks within their communities. That may be a goal for 2019.

Nick, what are you most grateful for this new year?
Wow. What am I NOT grateful for? I have THE BEST family, including my pup Maverik. I am able to surf, play lacrosse and swim in the ocean and just feel alive! I have have a passion for filmmaking, and that is HUGE. I mean, to have something that you love and can’t wait to do everyday is a dream in itself.

I am also grateful that I can help other kids and that I have so many people supporting me in my cause. I can never feel alone, because I have a whole tribe with me.

Any last thoughts for people reading this?
Yes; have a healthy and happy new year. Always be kind, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Nick’s Picks.


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