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If You are feeling scared which any normal human being would then this is some reasons why not to be as scared. If your not scared than your officially tougher than me. Good job:)

Hi My name is Nick Wallace

I am sorry that you are having to go through this. I saw your email and have been asked this question before. Before I had my transplant I was really nervous too, I didn’t know what transplant would be like or the hospitals. The main thing I didn’t realize even though I had been told before, was that it really doesn’t hurt. The entire time you are asleep with anesthesia. Liver transplants can last a very long time. For the doctors it’s really hard work but for us patients we just get to have a long nice dream. In fact the transplant to us patients seems like one second, you wake up before you know it. One thing to think about is that right now you probably are not feeling your best. I know I wasn’t but you don’t know what living back in healthy life is until you’re in it. I can personally tell you that I have not had a stomach ache that has been a problem since my transplant which was two years ago. The only stomach ache i’ve had since was just from eating to much halloween candy. So be careful with your liver(:

For me what has always mattered to me most is being tall, I am fifteen and pretty short for my age. I am still pretty short because I don’t eat as much as I should. So I need to be better. But after transplant you can do all the things you’ve wanted to do for so long, to a certain extent(:. The main thing is that the hospitals are amazing- not exactly fancy but comfy and the nurses are really nice. Im also gonna let you in on a little secret, they have fridges at the hospital full of foods that are more liquid than solid like popsicles and jello. You can ask for as many as you want, and trust me you will never get tired of them. For me It was hard because I am gluten free so the cafeteria wasn’t exactly an option other than a hard boiled egg every day or cream of rice. So I basically just stuffed my face with jello and popsicles.

Also my advice is that you should start getting really good at a video game either on the Xbox PS3, 4, 5 or PC. You have so much time on your hands with doctors coming to check up on you and recovering that you could probably get better that most of your friends and when you feel good you get bored. I woke up and pretty much instantly started playing a game. Lastly, even if you are older than me it doesn’t hurt to have a stuffed animal or two. I went pretty crazy as I had like ten or something, but one or two is better. You probably want to have room to sleep(:. In fact before my transplant I went to a psychologist because I was nervous too, and what she did for me is she helped me create an imaginary world where I could do whatever I wanted. I could be  there, if I had my seal on my chest. Eventially it helped when I was even just thinking about him. It helped me through a lot of hospitalizations. I call it the seal of comfort.

I hope this helps you out and makes you less nervous(:
If you have any more questions just email me at
Or we could talk

I wish you the best of luck!



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