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OMG yesterday at Mattel Children’s Hospital, I saw BACKPACK BOY. I don’t know if anyone else saw him. He was fast and furious and quickly delivered the backpacks to the kids , assuring that one kid would not be left out.

Some people call BACKPACK BOY, Nick Wallace, well that’s kind of his real name. He tries to protect the patients of Mattel Children’s Hospital from feeling loneliness and sorrow. He WAS at UCLA yesterday, this is true. He was paying a visit to  some of the kids. He was also getting a transplant follow-up,

I  know, even BACKPACK BOY needs a check-up sometimes. He was also spotted on the top floor of the medical center, giving early Christmas presents to two of his favorite people; Dr. Busuttil and Colleen Devaney. They have done so much for him, especially Dr. Busuttil, as he is the reason BACKPACK BOY is still here today.

Here is a photo that someone caught of him in action!


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