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Gepettos 3Last Weekend I got to go to Geppettos to pick up my Nick’s Picks stuff. Geppettos is one of my sponsors that helps me get Nick’s Picks items at a lower price. I have loved Geppettos my whole life but this was no ordinary trip to Geppettos! I got to meet the owner of the store, Mr.Miller. He is awesome and so fun to talk to. I also got to meet his wife, Danielle, his kids, Nathan and Jared who I really enjoyed being with. It was an experience that I will never forget. It meant so much to me that Mr. Miller brought his whole family to meet me. I had a really great time; they were really cool and fun to talk to.

I think Geppettos is an awesome place. It is the store that all little kids dream of spending the day in, surrounded by their favorite toys.
When I was little, I often asked my parents to go to Geppettos, hoping I would get something. Sometimes I would just ask to go in to look around and marvel at all the amazing toys! It’s cool to know that Nathan and Jared test out the toys before they decide if they are kid worthy. No wonder the toys are so amazing.

Thanks again to the Millers———-You Rock!!

From NP’s Nick——PEACE OUT!!!

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