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Well you will never believe what happened to me on 9/6/14. I played box lacrosse, not just regular lacrosse but high school box lacrosse. Get this, I scored my first goal and it was super awesome. Huge deal for me. It was my first time ever playing any kind of high school lacrosse. No matter who you are, if you try your hardest you can be good at any sport. When I first started high school, I was super nervous about playing high school ball. Mainly because I am not that big, but it turns out that being the size I am can work out in my favor! It makes me like the flash, super fast and unseen. Now I know what I can do and that bigger people don’t intimidate me. This weekend 9/14/14, I played a box lacrosse game with a whole new team of seniors who I had never before. I’m only a freshman and I scored in that game too. It was a blast! I feel SO lucky!!

Signing out,
Nick Wallace—–Thanks for reading!!!


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