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The Anonymous (Santa) Donor!

Hi everyone, hope you all have been doing okay. Merry Christmas to all of the Nick’s Picks families.

I have some BIG NEWS about a donation. I was on my social media the other day and I saw a message that said, “If you raise 1000 dollars in donations I will match that.” That is so amazing, if we meet it that could be $2000 and 40 backpacks. So I need a little help from all you awesome Nicks’ Picks supporters out there.

I need a small donation from each of you guys so that we can try to meet a thousand. It would be so awesome if we could do that because there would be a lot of happy faces instead of frowns. It would mean so much to me and It would make a lot of kids happy. If we could do this that would be awesome.

Any and all help would be great!

Happy Holidays

Peace Out—-From Nick





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