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Sponsor Spotlight: Rosemont Media

Rosemont Media is an important partner with Nick’s Picks in providing for our digital marketing needs. When they heard about Nick’s Picks in 2012, as we were just starting out, Rosemont was ready, willing and eager to help us by creating our website and helping us with the development of our digital marketing strategy.

Here’s a little bit about Rosemont and what makes them one of San Diego’s leading web design agencies.

Tell us about Rosemont Media. When did you start and what do you think sets you aside from other agencies?

Rosemont Media was established in 2008. Our mission from the start has been to create customized, all-encompassing Internet strategies while offering a competitive advantage through market exclusivity. We present objective marketing evaluations and are known for providing personalized customer service.

How big are you, how many employee’s?
We started with 3 and have grown to 45 full-time employees in-house at our San Diego office.

How did you become involved with Nick’s Picks?
In 2012 we became acquainted with Nick through his mother, Dr. Deborah Atkin, a local dermatologist and RM customer.  He approached us with his idea of Nick’s Picks and we immediately knew we wanted to do whatever we could to help get his website up and running.

What do you have planned for Nick’s Picks in the future in the digital world? 
As Nick transforms from boy to young man, his website needs to grow too. In addition to changing up the overall look of the site, we plan to work with Nick to add in functionality for video, as well as to make the website mobile-friendly. Now anyone who visits the site can learn about what Nick is currently enjoying outside of his altruistic endeavors as well as contribute to his cause.

What are your thoughts on Nick’s Picks and their mission to serve pediatric centers?
Admirable is an understatement to the work Nick’s Picks is doing to help other children facing many of the same health challenges familiar to Nick himself. We love hearing stories and following them on social media to see the love, happiness and hope being spread through his Nick’s Picks filled backpacks.


Nick and the volunteers for Nick’s Picks would like to say a HUGE “Thank You” to Rosemont for all of their continued support.


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