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A Boy and his Bunch – by Nick Wallace

I recently got to play for an amazing lacrosse team called Brady’s Bunch. In my opinion the ultimate brotherhood! I had a super fun weekend with them at Coach Holman’s great Jam by the Sea tournament, March 22nd, 23rd. The players, coaches and the parents were all so incredibly nice to me! We made it to the championship but unfortunately lost by one goal. It was still had a great time!

Here’s the thing, the Bunch/Ultimate brotherhood is not all about winning, it’s about having fun and seeing what you can do and seeing how you can come together as a group for the common good and a common goal. I truly believe that in every game with the Bunch I got better! Now every day that I go to school sporting the Bunch gear, it gives me great pride! With the help of the players and the coaches I became part of the Bunch Nation!



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