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Ten Lacrosse Phrases and What They Mean

Lacrosse is one of my favorite things in life. If I could eat and drink lacrosse I would. Like any sport, lacrosse has a language of its own and unless you speak the language it can be confusing. I thought it might be fun to create a Lacrosse glossary for you.

  • Body Check- When a player rams into another player.
  • Chestie- A shot put right into the goalies stick.
  • Cherry-picker – This is when a player stays in open space in their attacking half while their side is defending, hoping for a long pass from the defense in the event of a turnover.
  • Coast to coast- when a goalie saves the ball then runs it all the way down the field.
  • D- stick- Whena defender intercepts a pass.
  • Goose or Goose it – This is flipping the ball from the ground to a teammate.
  • Hack – When a player winds up fully before hitting.
  • Hat trick – This is when one player scores three goals in one game.
  • LAX- This is an abbreviation for lacrosse….. it has nothing to do with the airport in Los Angeles or laxatives.
  • Number up – Goalie command alerting defensemen to pick up a man.
  • Slap check – A check where a player uses the head of his stick to slap an opposing player in the arm, hand, or stick to dislodge the ball.

Now that you speak the lacrosse language you will enjoy the game even more.


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