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A letter of “Thanks” from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Nick’s Picks has steadily grown from one center to 15. Last year was a record year of growth.

In 2016, Nick’s Picks distribution more than doubled. We added 8 centers, including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, in Cincinnati Ohio.

We shipped our first boxes of Nick’s Picks, loaded backpacks, to them in December, a little late for Christmas, but early enough to bring in the New Year with smiles and cheer.Cincinnati Children's Hospital

We frequently receive photos and emails from patients, families,and hospital staff. They want to show us the joy the backpacks bring.

Today we received a letter from James Saporito, Senior Vice President of Development at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I wanted to share the letter with you, because it was moving for me to read.

It has been such a great reminder of why giving is so important.

It reads:

Dear Mr. Wallace,

Thank you for such a wonderful gift- the gift of escape. From books to video games, cards to toys, craft supplies to stuffed animals, we are so grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Your donation of the Nick’s Picks backpacks allows our patients to forget, if only for a moment, where they are, and focus on just being a kid. Your gift works with our care providers, lifting spirits as medical treatments take effect.

As a nonprofit hospital and research center, we rely on the generosity of friends like you to help us provide excellent family-centered care. Because of you, we are helping more children and families find the best ways to heal.

Thank you,

James Saporito
Senior Vice President of Development

Now, more than ever, I am determined to help 2,000 kids forget their worries, if only for a bit. I want to help then just be kids. This is my mission and I need all the help I can get.

Please help us by donating and sharing our campaign with your friends and family. Every little bit adds up to a lot.



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