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Nick’s Picks Launches New Website Feature

2017 was a time for serious growth and change for Nick’s Picks. From adding new centers, to updating our website and receiving some significant grants, Nick’s Picks continued to expand.
Moving into 2018 Nick wants to make sure that we remember the mission of Nick’s Picks, specifically that we are here to provide support for hospitalized / isolated children.

“I want the kids to know that while I cannot solve all their problems, I can be here so they never have to face them alone. As we’ve grown and our reach has spread across the country, I’ve decided it’s time to up my communication game and launch ASK NICK”.

The ask Nick website feature gives the children in the centers we serve the ability to connect with Nick via FaceTime, Skype or email to ask questions, get advice or just meet Nick.

“It’s hard enough to be dealing with a chronic illness, but to be hospital bound, or on isolation adds a whole other scary dimension to it. You can’t be around friends and you can’t be at school or in sports. It’s important for there to be someone who understands and who can be a support; a sort of lifeline.”

Nick hopes to eventually incorporate his love of filmmaking into Nick’s Picks. “I’ve had this idea, more of a vision of creating short films featuring people that have endured serious or life threatening illnesses and have not only survived but thrived. People like me. I think that a series of short films showcasing our passions and talents would be such a valuable ways to inspire kids that are looking for some hope.”

If you would like to connect with Nick, or schedule a time to FaceTime or Skype with Nick, contact us


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