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A Boy and his Stick

Lacrosse is an amazing sport. It brings life to me whenever I get on the field. Lacrosse is the sport that has always helped me whether I am sad or sick; I have always been able to look to lacrosse and instantly have a mood or health change. When I was in the hospital for my liver transplant, there was not much I could do.

I dreamt of how much fun it was going to be once I could get back on the field, as I got stronger. Lacrosse is what kept me going in the hospital. It let me know that after this it was not just going to be rehab forever. I knew whether I could play permanently or not I was getting on that field, and my determination got me there and to this day I play and I love it. I love it more than ever before. If you are reading this blog and you have had a transplant or other surgery, just know that whatever sport you play and love you will be back on that field in no time. I got out there to watch practice three days after I was discharged. You can do it!



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