A Charity Dedicated To Giving Fun Filled Backpacks To Hospitalized Children Dealing With Chronic Illness

Meet Maverik

Meet Maverik, Nick’s Picks VP
(Vice President of Cuteness)

Maverik Waves Wallace

Maverik Waves Wallace


Nick and Lexie had always wanted to add to the family, and a dog had been a long awaited addition, Maverik Waves Wallace joined the family in 2013

“My mom and dad told Lexie and I that we could get a dog after my transplant. They were concerned if we got one before it would be difficult for the dog when I left to have my transplant and I’d be too immunosuppressed. We adopted Maverick after my transplant and I can’t imagine life without him in it” —Nick


Maverik Waves Wallace, Vice President of Fun




Maverik is a maltese-yorkie mix and he is a constant source of smiles everywhere he goes. He is one of Nick’s chief assistants when it comes to assembling the backpacks.


“One thing people may not realize is that each backpack is literally made with love. Lexie, Maverik and I put each one together and pack them to be delivered to each center.”— Nick

In his spare time Maverick likes to nap, chase balls and hike.

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