A Charity Dedicated To Giving Fun Filled Backpacks To Hospitalized Children Dealing With Chronic Illness

Meet Alexa Wallace (Lexie)

Meet Alexa Wallace, Nick’s Picks CFO
(Chief Fun Officer)

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Lexie Wallace, CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

Alexa Wallace, aka Lexie Wallace, often referred to as “Nick’s awesome sister”, has been with Nick every step of the way. Nick and Lexie founded Nick’s Picks together in 2012 and her input is always invaluable.

“Lexie and I aren’t just brother and sister, we are best friends. We would spend a lot of time talking about what we could do for the other kids in my situation, to help cheer them up and make their hospital stays better. I am so lucky because I have a great sister, not all kids are that lucky, or they have to be far away from their families. ”- Nick

Lexie has always tried to accompany Nick during his long medical appointments, procedures and frequent hospital stays. It was during these trips that Lexie began to draw. In order to help pass the time she would create beautiful pictures and craft objects. A talented artist, Lexie’s love of drawing and creating has continued into a talent for interior design. Lexie’s natural creativity and thoughtful nature have been great assets to Nick’s Picks. It was her idea to incorporate an art set into the girls version of the Nick’s Picks backpacks.

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Clockwise: Nick & Lexie delivering to Ronald McDonald House in San Diego, Delivering fun and cheer to UCLA, Lexie before a soccer match, Lexie and Elitere before a competition at Show Park, Del Mar, CA, Lexie & Nick riding to the O.R. together for Nick’s transplant.

“Drawing and designing has always been such a happy thing for me. I love starting with a blank object and making something that is fun, interesting and beautiful. I love to encourage other kids to draw, create” — Lexie

Lexie attends high school in Del Mar, CA where she plays on her high school soccer team. In her free time she is a competitive horseback rider and plays club soccer with the San Diego Surf Soccer Club. Lexie hopes to play college soccer. She loves spending time with her family, especially Nick, their dog Maverik and her horse Elitere.