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A Trip To Hawaii!

Hi Everyone, I haven’t done a blog in a really long time but heres a new one. Over Christmas break I went on a trip to Hawaii with my family, […]

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Nicks Picks Update Restart To Install

Hello everyone, How are you doing? Hope that you are having a great weekend. If you are in the hospital, I know that it may stink or “stink” may be […]

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Living for LAX (not laxative)

Everybody has something that gives them more of a personality – some people play soccer, some people ride horses and some people swim. I play lacrosse – that’s my superpower. […]

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Some Fine Tuning

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted in a while as I have been pretty busy. I have been doing some summer school at High Bluff academy for Chemistry. So the breaking […]

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So on Monday I got to do something really exciting, I got to go to the Del Mar Heights Elementary School to give a Nick’s Picks presentation. It was really […]

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About A Commercial

Hey everyone, really sorry that I have not posted on my blog in a while. I have got some pretty awesome and exciting news to tell you. So you may […]

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Read Nick’s Latest Article in the Del Mar Times

Nick was recently featured in the Del Mar Times! Read the article below to learn why Nick started Nick’s Picks, why certain items are included in the backpacks and how […]

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The Anonymous (Santa) Donor!

Hi everyone, hope you all have been doing okay. Merry Christmas to all of the Nick’s Picks families. I have some BIG NEWS about a donation. I was on my […]

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Brady’s Bunch Goes To Palm Desert

Hi everyone, I  got back from a awesome trip to Palm Desert for a Brady’s Bunch lacrosse tournament last weekend. I had a ton of fun. Not only was I […]

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OMG yesterday at Mattel Children’s Hospital, I saw BACKPACK BOY. I don’t know if anyone else saw him. He was fast and furious and quickly delivered the backpacks to the […]

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